1. I have an interest to be involved in the Model industry and where do I start as a Female or Male Model as a beginner?

one has to be selected by our Selection Team at Primodels to be invited into the prestigious business of fashion and Modelling industry Professional Model development, provided by our Modelling industry team experts.The Professional Model development is one of the key foundation for any new prospective male or female aspiring to succeed in the modelling industry.
A Professional Model development design to empower your Modelling skills, Model brand value, social media expertise, be Runway Ready with confidence in the Model industry.

2.How does one embark on their first Professional Model development in the early stages of Modelling as a beginner?

Any Professional Field Careers requires you to invest in learning the elite business of fashion and modelling, if you want to be a Professional Model.Our role at Primodels is to assist you in your Professional Model Development working alongside a team of qualified and Industry expert in the Modelling field.Knowledge of the Model industry is key and working with certified trained Professionals who will enhance your skills in the Model industry.Most well recognised Model Agencies favour Professional Model Development in new beginner models, it enhances your progress and ability to be Agency ready when you are selected at a Model agency.Your preparation is key before applying to Model Agencies, understanding the industry pitfalls and scams.

3.What are good Model Agencies and how does one avoid a Modelling Scam?

A good Model Agency only represents models in a Management role relationship.Always make sure you take a parent with you if under 18 yrs old and meetings should only be conducted in a Professional office layout.Make sure you ask if the Model Agency is accredited? If they are not why?Always make sure you check the authenticity of Reviews as there are many fake reviews online.

4.Will I have guaranteed work when I sign up as a Model with a Model Agency?

No model work is guaranteed when you work for a Model Agency.Casting Directors recruits models base on many factors that you as a model do have any control of.Rejection is ripe in the Fashion Modelling industry and there are high rate of failures.

5.I was approached on social media and asked to Model and I am unsure if it is fake or not?

Primodels ensures that your safety is our first Duty of care is to you, if your under 18 yrs old always make sure your parents are well informed
and ask them to make contact with Primodels office by phone to check the legitimacy of it?
There are many reports made to us at Primodels about fake Model scouts or fake photographers using our brand on social media to recruit potential models.You are not to be fool by these always report it to us
at Primodels as we take these matters very seriously.Primodels strongly recommend you take affirmative action by reporting these matters to your local Law Enforcement in your state you live in.